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  1. Toor_5.0

    2024 Mustang Retail Scheduling This Week (2/15/24) for Production Weeks 4/1 - 4/22

    Scheduling week actually starts Thursday. Read the top right hand corner of the document
  2. Toor_5.0

    2024 Mustang Retail Scheduling This Week (2/15/24) for Production Weeks 4/1 - 4/22

    Hmm looks like a lot of people are going to get good news this Thursday in their inboxes
  3. Toor_5.0

    Look at order date

    We can’t access the link since it’s your order. It’s more helpful to post a screenshot
  4. Toor_5.0

    Family Squabble

    I’m coming from an S197 and that was the first thing I noticed too. That the front looks like an updated s197
  5. Toor_5.0

    2024 Mustang Clean-up Scheduling This Week (2/1/24) for Production Weeks 3/4 - 3/25

    Found this on another forum. - looks like no scheduling this week
  6. Toor_5.0

    Next-Generation Ford Infotainment System Officially Revealed

    Does this infotainment system really fit the mustang vibe though? I personally don’t think so. This would be more fitting for a SUV
  7. Toor_5.0

    Auto Start Stop System

    It is. But either you press that auto start stop button or you press the sports profile on your steering. So regardless, extra buttons to press after you start the vehicle. The. Mustang. Does. Not. Need. Start. Stop. Ford. Stupid. (Except the ecoboost)
  8. Toor_5.0

    Buyer's remorse

    Can you share more information about your car or possibly even the window sticker?
  9. Toor_5.0

    Latest 2024 Mustang Production Key Commodity Constraints + Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (1/29/24)

    The way the salesman from Long McArthur Ford on YouTube explains it is that dealers have allocations as well. Your dealer can have an allocation for a retail order and stock order. Ford assigns allocations based on volume sales etc. When your dealers allocation comes up as in their turn comes...
  10. Toor_5.0

    Latest 2024 Mustang Production Key Commodity Constraints + Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (1/29/24)

    @DCS I think it’s really about dealer allocations at this point. I contacted my dealer and found out my order is actually Priority 3 from the initial 19 when I placed it. I really suspect it’s dealer allocations - when your dealers turn comes then based on the dealer what # your order is in...
  11. Toor_5.0

    2024 Mustang Retail Scheduling This Week (1/18/24) for Production Weeks 3/4 - 3/25

    Out of curiosity, anyone know what dressing period means?
  12. Toor_5.0

    Any potential issues with buying 24 EB for daily driver with plans of keeping it for 10+ years?

    Those cars are meant to be driven. An Eco or even a GT is a perfect daily driver - if gas mileage isn’t a concern to you (which shouldn’t be if you’re getting a Mustang)
  13. Toor_5.0

    New Feature! Rear View Video

    Now that you mention this, I remember someone on YouTube saying to turn that feature off. I was wondering why and now it makes sense
  14. Toor_5.0


    sports mode automatically turns start/stop off - another trick is setting that feature off within your profile settings and then switch to that profile using the steering wheel controls at start up. Only thing is every start up, you’ll have to switch to that profile or switch to sports mode
  15. Toor_5.0


    Something isn’t adding up here. Built 12/23 and you got it 12/26? And didn’t job 2 already start which is supposed to have start/stop?
  16. Toor_5.0


    I am still waiting on mine but I have been watching YouTube videos where we can set different profiles. - the profiles have a setting about start/stop and it appears it can be set to off. I wonder if anyone has actually tried it to see if it works. I hope it does!
  17. Toor_5.0

    Anyone on here on Long Island?

    I’m actually in Bellmore! But haven’t seen any around me yet. I placed my own order 10/30 and still waiting for a VIN
  18. Toor_5.0

    Flat Rock Assembly Plant Shutdown?

    What was your order date?
  19. Toor_5.0

    Mustang Purchase Pricing

    when I ordered it, most dealers were charging over MSRP so I was just happy to see MSRP with price protection. If I see that the car market is getting over saturated, I will try to renegotiate the price. If not, can always walk away. I still have my 2011 v6 which runs just fine. I won’t mind...
  20. Toor_5.0

    Mustang Purchase Pricing

    Still waiting for my vehicle. But I do have a signed purchase protected at the agreed upon financing rate too. So even if order takes 6 months, it’s protected at MSRP with the financing agreement at 2.9% apr