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  1. Cross shopping Dark Horse with C8/M4

    Having owned 7 Mustangs over the past 14 years I can say without hesitation that the M4, if you can afford it, is the better car from a stock performance standpoint the kidney grill M cars are absurdly fast with the X drive. don't get me wrong I love my S650 but if you arnt doing any mods...
  2. Window Tint Opinions

    night driving is fine most of the time as long as there are some street lights illuminating the ground. Just to be safe I roll my windows down when I'm cruising through my neighborhood or any place with a high concentration of people, I don't think it entirely necessary but it's just something...
  3. Engine gauges in center screen

    that's odd. I wanted to do the same thing and I did exactly what you did and it worked for me. I know that's doesn't help but I believe the process you went through was the correct one
  4. S650 Coyote V8 Power Band?

    and they pull quite hard in that power band
  5. Black PP GT Wing

    I can't wait until some third party makes the Dark Horse spoiler with the gurny flap so I can swap out my PP wing. I hate the PP wing personaly. I'm not a fan of the pedestal style wing, except that DH Wing
  6. Cancelled My Order

    the M850i is more of a grand tourer to me. I know it's performance is great but I see that more as a luxury car. The "German Mustang" to me uses to be the M4. Now I would say it was the M2. Either way the bimmer looks great good luck with it my next car will be an M4, of this I am sure
  7. Electric drift handbrake retrofit?

    I'm also almost positive you have to get the PP to get the drift brake. I love my S650 but the one thing I absolutly hate is the fake hand break. I just can't get used to the brake not have the master cylinder feel. I know it actually works but not hearing that clicking sound when I pull it...
  8. New 2024 GT Performance Question

    I owned a 2018 PP2 and a 2020 PP1. The 2018 had headers, full exhuast, tune and intake. was that car faster than my current 2024 ? yes but only very slightly in my opinion (no head to head comparisons as I used it as a trade in). I would say my 18 GT definitely had better torque delivery but...
  9. Flowmaster ?

    was the drone bad enough that you wouldn't buy one of thier systems again ? Drone never really bothered me all that much. The Corsa and Borla didn't drone but the Roush did
  10. Flowmaster ?

    Been waiting for Borla to release thier ATAK catback for the 650 but I don't feel like waiting much longer. Flowmaster just released thier outlaw series catback for the Active Exhuast. I've had Roush, Corsa and Borla on my past mustangs but never a Flowmaster. Can anyone speak to the volume...
  11. anyone have the RTR Upper Grill w/ LED's ?

    anyone pick up one of the these that has the led lights where the front nostrils are on the S650 ? I've been wanting one but I was wondering if the lights in the grill are hooked into the daylight running lamps or are they cut into the headlight harness ? love the look of the LED's but I...
  12. MT82 - How are the shifts?

    I've been driving manual mustangs since I got my 99 New Edge at 19. 1st MT-82 (correct me if I'm wrong) was in my 13 GT. I've since owned a 2018 GT PP2 and a 2020 GT PP1. My current 24 GTPP feels almost identical to my others. That being said I've never had a issue with this gearbox like...
  13. .

    while having never owned a BMW(I do want an M car one day) I have heard many complaints about issues with oil leaks and other things with bimmers. I've owned a 99 new edge GT, 07 GT, 13 GT, 18 GT PP2 and 20 GT PP1 and now a 24 GT PP. I have had 0 issues with anyone them. Lemons and bad cars...
  14. So whats up with the manuals?

    to me driving is more than top line speed. EV'S, yes even the Plaid, look and sound( what sound ?) like total shit if I just cared about speed in a line I would get a street bike
  15. So whats up with the manuals?

    EV's are fast few people would deny that but fast isn't the only thing that matters to most car people heard a good analogy the other day. comparing EV'a to ICE high performance cars is like comparing a charcoal grill to a microwave. sure the microwave will cook your burger faster than the...
  16. Showroom stock 1/4 records.

    see this is where I have trouble believing that "bone stock" 2018 GT's can hit 11.8's. the LMR car in this video needed lowering springs, resonator delete, Mikey Thomson drag radials and a rear and passanger seat delete to hit 11.88. makes you wonder how "Bone Stock" S550's can hit the same...
  17. Showroom stock 1/4 records.

    yes I know before anyone says that is technically not showroom Stock I'm aware of that. But a minor exhaust upgrade and some E85 blend on a car not tuned for it on stock continentals without the performance pack runs 11's over and over again I'm just not ready to say the S650 is slower...
  18. Showroom stock 1/4 records.

    the few videos I saw of the S550 hitting 11's stock were performance pack cars. that car doesn't have the performance pack, which after break in I could see hitting low 11's but I suppose we'll see. I had headers, tune and intake on my 2018 and I feel like my S650 could probably keep up with...
  19. Showroom stock 1/4 records.

    to run those numbers on those shit Pirell PZeros without the performance pack shows what these cars are capable of nice runs