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  1. Spectre

    Leaked! Mustang GTD (Mid-Engine?) Supercar Special Project - Debuts @ Monterey Car Week on 8/17!

    Everyone thinking a Multimatic-built car with pushrod suspension is going to compete at C8 prices (or anywhere close)... pass the bong. I want what you're smoking. Hell, the GT-D is likely to hit 80-90k itself
  2. Spectre

    Video: S650 Media Drives Day 1 (StangMode)

    Watching that just further irritates me that Ford doesn’t offer that gorgeous metallic yellow for the Dark Horse
  3. Spectre

    Bullitt S650 Rendering

    Give it the tremec this time and I’ll be interested. Otherwise… no
  4. Spectre

    Mustang GT3 Formally Unveiled at Le Mans! 🏁

    Not. A. Chance. Dollars to donuts a street going version foregoes most, if not all, of that carbon fiber.
  5. Spectre

    Mustang GT3 Formally Unveiled at Le Mans! 🏁

    What makes that look like a street version?
  6. Spectre

    How come the Mustang is cheaper in Canada?

    They probably set the currency exchange some time ago. They're not going to adjust it with every fluctuation. And taxes. We get killed in taxes. Let us have our victories where we can take them. :)
  7. Spectre

    How come the Mustang is cheaper in Canada?

    The reason for the lower price is free trade. What used to be only for businesses was properly expanded to include individual customers who filed a class action up here against most automakers for artificially jacking UP the prices in Canada vs the US, and voiding warranties if we bought in the...
  8. Spectre

    The new dashboard is a big mistake IMO

    If you don't like it, don't buy it. Otherwise, get over yourselves and realize that this car will sell and do just fine without you. Moving on...
  9. Spectre

    Dark Horse driven on track by Frankie Muniz sounds great!!

    That has a harder edge to it than the Mach 1. I'm guessing those dual throttle intakes are what's making all the difference. Wow, is that good.
  10. Spectre

    📸 Mustang GT3 Road-Version Prototype Spied Testing with Center-Exit Exhaust

    yes...... where do you see they're changing the front fascia?
  11. Spectre

    The new upcoming Shmeemobile: Dark Horse

    Shmee isn't informative, just another pampered, narcissistic 'tuber who wants to flex on everyone
  12. Spectre

    The new upcoming Shmeemobile: Dark Horse

    Why do we care what vapid youtubers do?
  13. Spectre

    Jim Farley Teases Mustang GT3 Roaring at Sebring - "Should We Make a Road Version?"

    Hard to modify what no one bought in the first place ;). Regardless of sales, that doesn't change the facts that the LT motor is cheaper to modify and also quite mod-friendly.
  14. Spectre

    What are you cross shopping?

    This is relevant to me, because I'm looking at either an S650 Dark Horse, vs a Supra 3.0 (manual). I know I need at least another V8 in my life, but the Porsche will be traded in on a C8 Stingray vert in the next 2 years (this is life with the wait list still up here....). Pros of the S650 DH...
  15. Spectre

    Jim Farley Teases Mustang GT3 Roaring at Sebring - "Should We Make a Road Version?"

    I for one would love a street version Mustang with that noise. I don't care what the displacement might be. However, look at the MSRP of the base Dark Horse. Then realize if Ford does a streetable GT3, it will likely cost at least good 20k more (at least!). Starting to get a bit ridiculous, no...
  16. Spectre

    Dark Horse future owners

    I think it's more than likely you're seeing the same price from two different sources: one that bakes destination and handling into base price, and another (ie Ford) that doesn't.
  17. Spectre

    Dark Horse future owners

    You should still walk away
  18. Spectre

    Yellow Splash 2024 Mustang GT Caught Testing

    Isn't this what the Mach 1 with the handling pack had?
  19. Spectre

    Video: First Listen of Dark Horse Mustang WOT Driving on Public Roads + Blue Ember / Grabber Blue in Natural Lighting

    They sound great, but first thing I'd do as an owner is remove those awful hood vinyls, and find some way to colour match that awful black eyeliner. Ford, why did you put the emo kids in charge of design?
  20. Spectre

    S650 / S750 start of production and end of model dates

    I find it very hard to believe Ford can already know the SOP and EOP for the next generation of Mustang ("S750") that has yet to be even conceived/designed.