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  1. Crew4991

    Ordering a New Mustang? Head to Costco

    Skip the dealer and head on over to Costco for some gas, a rotisserie chicken and a new Mustang! 🤣 It’s funny, but if Ford ever comes out with a Shelby version I will absolutely be ordering it through Costco!
  2. Crew4991

    2024 Mustang GT/CS

    Who's dishing out the $ for this new version? Not sure how I feel about it. Spotted by Ford Authority https://fordauthority.com/2024/01/2024-ford-mustang-gt-california-special-coupe-spotted/
  3. Crew4991

    Anyone experiencing delays due to the strikes?

    Curious if anyone has experienced any delays yet either getting their new car or if there were any delays in the build of it (mustang or other) due to the UAW strikes?
  4. Crew4991

    S650 Rear Styling Debate

    Thought this would be kind of fun. What are your thoughts on the rear styling of the S650 compared to the outgoing S550 model? Cast your poll!