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  1. DeluxeStang

    Will Ford do anything special for the 60th anniversary?

    We all know Ford loves celebrating milestones of their iconic products. Releasing a new mustang for the 50th anniversary and making a new gt supercar for the 50th anniversary of their historic Le mans win are just a few examples. I wonder if Ford is planning to reveal anything special, or...
  2. DeluxeStang

    S650 interior first impressions

    So I had the opportunity to sit in an s650 ft for the first time, I frankly don't understand the hate directed towards the interior. Here's my thought process, my reasoning as someone who wants to work as a car designer, and is developing my portfolio as we speak, including a muscle car. The...
  3. DeluxeStang

    Finally saw a s650 in person

    It was an alto blue gt on silver alloys. Sexy as hell, pics don't do this car justice. Don't have pics because all of the dealership employees were hanging around it. But I loved it.
  4. DeluxeStang

    Modified S650 Thread

    Not my car(s) but I came across some cool looking s650s on Insta. They're mostly wheels and potentially lowering kits at this point, nothing crazy, but they look great. Throw your builds in the comments as you go.
  5. DeluxeStang

    Let's Give The Aftermarket Brands Some Ideas For S650 Parts

    With the s650 rolling out, I thought it would be cool if we put together a centralized thread showcasing some of our favorite s650 renderings and body kits. Hopefully the aftermarket community sees what we like and delivers. Personally, I would love if someone offered a GTD wide body kit...
  6. DeluxeStang

    Doesn't Seem Like A Mid-engine Mustang is Happening But...

    What if Ford brings back the rs200? Their head of European design keeps showing this design sketch of a futuristic rs200, yet insisting they have no plans to make it. Odd strategy as the head of design to keep showing a design sketch for a car you never plan to make, you would think advertising...
  7. DeluxeStang

    S650 GT 0-60 time 🤯

    Stangmode did a 0-60 in 3.9 with three people in the car on an unprepared surface on a very hot day. This thing might genuinely be throwing down times of 3.7-3.8 if not better on a track with just the driver. Maybe even better.
  8. DeluxeStang

    I love the s650's exterior but...

    I do wish they had pushed the wheels to the corners a bit more. The slightly longer wheelbase on this racecar isn't a huge change, but it definitely looks better imo. Reducing the size of those overhangs makes the car look leaner, more modern and elegant imo. Some people may not even see what...
  9. DeluxeStang

    What Was The Chinese Design Sculpture About?

    This is a question I've been pondering today. The Chinese sculpture, shown below, was something when it first came out, we were pretty sure would look like the s650, at least parts of it. Multiple insiders on the forums even said they saw official designs that looked a lot like it. But it's...
  10. DeluxeStang

    S650 Refresh: What You Want To See

    We're obviously 3-5 years away from seeing a s650 refresh. But this might be the perfect time to ask this question, as ford's almost certainly starting to work on it, or will be in the near future, and may look to the forums to see what fans want. Personally, I would like some new headlights...
  11. DeluxeStang

    R.I.P. Ken Block

    Wow, absolutely heartbreaking to learn about Ken's death today. He was an absolute legend than inspired many of us car enthusiasts from around the world. I hope his family is able to find closure during these trying times. Rest well my friend.
  12. DeluxeStang

    Would You Consider a Smaller Foxbody Inspired Mustang?

    As many enthusiasts have laminated the loss of the small, light, and affordable mustang, I thought it would be interesting if Ford developed a foxbody inspired, FRS and Miata rival with smaller displacement engines using this design which looks like a modern fox body imo. They could use the...