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  1. Skye

    Thoughts on Paint Protection - Wrap, Ceramic, Teflon,...

    A few options to consider: - Nothing. Consider the existing stripe a sacrificial layer. While not PPF, the stripe will have a protecting effect to the underlying paint. See also RokBlokz or GT500-like guards to help protect the rocker area stripes (and paint) - A Ghost stripe. Have the PPF...
  2. Skye

    Thoughts on Paint Protection - Wrap, Ceramic, Teflon,...

    I see XPEL as the current benchmark. I have been using XPEL since 2022. Skye is the first car I've owned which has had it. From my experiences, each of my vehicles will use it in the future. The product comes with a 10-year warranty against defects, to include cracking and yellowing. Many of...
  3. Skye

    What is this gauge light?

    Page 249 in the Owner's Manual associates the orange icon the Pre-Collision Assist feature. While using several of the track and drag-like modes, many of the nanny protections become disabled.
  4. Skye

    Auto Insurance?

    In addition to our credit score, we're all carrying a Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) score. If you've ever filed a claim, it's part of your CLUE record. Your CLUE is pulled when applying for insurance.
  5. Skye

    Auto Insurance?

    I don't have direct experience with these companies. A quick Googling appears to offer a, "maybe". https://www.hagerty.com/insurance/classic-car-insurance/does-my-vehicle-qualify/newer-vehicles With respect to Hagerty, I'm not sure an S650 would qualify. https://www.grundy.com/mvp/ Grundy's...
  6. Skye

    Auto Insurance?

    Insurance calculations are complicated. It is one variable of many that could impact the premium. How significant, if at all, would be specific to that person, their policy and the company. I haven't done it lately, but if you company's web site doesn't offer it, call them and play-out the...
  7. Skye

    Auto Insurance?

    I consider the state of FL to be the most challenging place to have a vehicle or home policy. I often feel like CO is moving to same. I've also read TX and large, dense costal areas, are all seeing large increases. The home I'm living in now is the first I've owned. Previously, I had Renter's...
  8. Skye

    Auto Insurance?

    You should certainly shop around, but... - FL is a challenging area to have insurance, both home and auto. I wouldn't expect this to change any time soon. We're starting to see this in CO as well. Some companies have stopped writing policies in the wealthier parts of the state, while everyone...
  9. Skye

    New UK Media Reviews Dark Horse

    A bit of insight from Ford: https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/feu/en/news/2023/02/14/ford-takes-next-steps-to-transform-european-business.html My take is in the immediate future, Ford is going to emphasize their commercial (Transit Van) lines while "re-imagineering" it's retail customer...
  10. Skye

    2024 dead ?

    Ford has what I consider three main computers: 1) Body Control Module A (interior), 2) Body Control Module B (trunk) and 3) Powertrain Control Module (Engine Bay). Ford also has the GateWay Module, with interconnections the different Controller Area Networks within the car. Each of the...
  11. Skye

    2024 dead ?

    I don't think so. I haven't witnessed that after disconnecting and reconnecting on my S550. Ford understands some things need to be kept while maintenance is being accomplished. You can imagine if you have a fleet of vehicles, all of them resetting due to other maintenance. I've never studied...
  12. Skye

    2024 dead ?

    https://www.mustang7g.com/forums/threads/no-start-issue.160321/ The link above highlights a like issue, references at least one other thread with a similar problem, as well as feedback from others on possible fixes. As you continue to investigate, let us know what you find out. @Ford Motor Company
  13. Skye

    Factory Matte Clear Film Now Available For 2024 Mustang

    It doesn't read that way. If the film was superior, I'd think the warranty for it would be longer or they'd provide more insight in the release.
  14. Skye

    Factory Matte Clear Film Now Available For 2024 Mustang

    "To dare is to do." I thought of that when reading this article. IDK. Factory assembly line, wrapping a football (pun intended) with matte wrap. Then the handling and shipping thereafter. And if there is an issue, hoping the receiving dealer is capable of working with wrap and doing a fine job...
  15. Skye

    Does this sound legit???

    Is what happened legit? No, it is not. The local dealer was attempting to sell a loan to the buyer. In Ford's financial statements, they identify how much their credit programs make money for the company. To the dealer, getting a buyer to finance through them makes a nice amount of money as...
  16. Skye

    Reusable Oil Free or Dry Filter Replacement for OEM Intakes

    I'm using a dry, reusable filter from Ford Performance (built by Air Raid). I checked for 2024s and do not see one listed in their catalogs (yet). Steeda did some same-day dyno testing with several performance filters; they are worth 1-3 HP. My butt dyno noted improved throttle response and a...
  17. Skye

    Does Engine Break-In Affect Horsepower?

    Thanks for posting. :like: Videos like this help dispel the non-factual, untested and unconfirmed ideas promoted elsewhere.
  18. Skye

    No start issue.

    https://www.mustang7g.com/forums/threads/car-wont-start.158592/ This is a like thread. Sorry, no fix or insight, but much of it seems to read like your (and others) issue. Some of us were suspecting a sensor (safety related? gear selector?) was lose or not making good contact.
  19. Skye

    Chassis Number (non Dark Horse)

    It's my understanding Ecoboosts and GTs do not have a plate denoting a chassis number; those are affixed to Shelbys, GT350s, GT500s, Mach 1s and now Dark Horses. FWIW, the chassis numbers are random plates. While they note the year with a letter, the chassis number is not tied to the VIN or...
  20. Skye

    Oil Separator-Good!

    I pulled some threads on the debate of using a can versus venting. Some owners will have unique applications with venting that does not involve the PCV valve and system. I'll set this category aside, as it often involves specific tuner/modder/part manufacturer recommendations. For the rest of...