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  1. Dub347sbf

    Dark Horse Handling Package April 2024 Purgatory

    Yeah I assumed this would happen, unfortunately a lot of dealers forced people to change their order to the non-HP or drop the order altogether.
  2. Dub347sbf

    Plans for your Dark Horse?

    A mix of daily driver and weekend car. Fair weather daily is what I would call it. I have it tinted and wrapped the roof black. I plan on doing LT Headers, CAI, tune, maybe E85 and seeing if I'm satisfied. Possibly a whipple down the line. Here is mine and a buddy of mine cars.
  3. Dub347sbf

    Dyno Results Are In! Whipple Supercharged 2024 Mustang GT (Manual)

    The numbers get more impressive, they havent posted the video yet, but Lethal said they got the limiter issue fixed, and well...
  4. Dub347sbf

    Showroom stock 1/4 records.

    That is impressive for sure, the manual shifting to third is interesting. I wonder if tuners will be able to make it hold the gear longer instead of short shifting.
  5. Dub347sbf

    Dark Horse Handling Package April 2024 Purgatory

    Congrats, looks great! Enjoy it!
  6. Dub347sbf

    Dark Horse Handling Package April 2024 Purgatory

    Wow, that is tough. This is the first I have heard about it. I hope this isn't really the case... dang. Edit: this almost confirms that it won't be available unless they walk this statement back....
  7. Dub347sbf

    Showroom stock 1/4 records.

    Ive heard there is more torque modulation (reduction) in the newer 2020+ stock tunes in low gears. A tune fixes this.......so hopefully we get tuning at some point.
  8. Dub347sbf

    Showroom stock 1/4 records.

    Yeah hero runs have always been a few tenths better than Motortrend, i wouldn't expect any different this time, but not many people seem to be even trying.
  9. Dub347sbf

    Showroom stock 1/4 records.

    This was the point of my post. There were a ton of quick 18 GTs testing. We haven't seen hardly any 24s. The sample size is very low. I don't know that the s550 is substantially quicker, there were just substantially more people testing. I read one on M6G that was A10, CAI, and a tune, and were...
  10. Dub347sbf

    Active Exhaust: Dark Horse vs GT

    I remember Roket saying that the resonator was different between the two, which is what I think gives the Dark Horse a little bit of a different tone.
  11. Dub347sbf

    Showroom stock 1/4 records.

    I'm with you, and I feel like that should be the case. I still have yet to see a 2024 in the 11s bone stock, and 2018 GTs did hit that. Funny enough, they gained weight over the years and ive heard that some programming changes (torque modulation) made 2020 and later cars a touch slower. Don't...
  12. Dub347sbf

    Showroom stock 1/4 records.

    Wow! Do you have any video? I still have yet to see S550 vs S650 same day/same track. I really dont think the S650 is as much slower than the S550 than people are saying, if at all.
  13. Dub347sbf

    Showroom stock 1/4 records.

    I would've thought there would be more posts in here. The M6G forum was full of people trying to hit the best records stock, and October would have been a great time to try. That being said, quickest S650 vs S550 ive seen stock, seems S650 is a couple tenths and a MPH behind. Again, not a large...
  14. Dub347sbf

    New record 24 GT runs 10's na

    That's a great time on factory converter. I am assuming the car is gutted? What is the rear gear on this one? Can't wait for tunes, these are going to be monsters.
  15. Dub347sbf

    California Special Mustang teased!

    Enhanced image with some details teased out:
  16. Dub347sbf

    RTR hood vent installed!

    I'd love to an rtr vent on a dark horse with the decals if anyone has done that.
  17. Dub347sbf

    Dark Horse Vinyl Hood Decals

    All of the appearance package cars have the different decals, so you can get them on blue ember, black, and vapor blue i think was the other color. The difference is there are 3 gradient shades of gray instead of two, otherwise very similar.
  18. Dub347sbf

    Dark Horse Vinyl Hood Decals

    I really love the DH decals and the painted stripes as well. Would replace them if something happened to them, especially on a lighter color.
  19. Dub347sbf

    Dark Horse Handling Package April 2024 Purgatory

    I was shocked and said yes immediately. White was the color I was going back and forth on with red, and it was exactly what I ordered otherwise. Since I had no guarantee of getting my car next summer and was paying over MSRP at my dealer for tint and paint protection, it just made sense. I hope...