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  1. DeluxeStang

    Factory Matte Clear Film Now Available For 2024 Mustang

    I've never really understood satin paint jobs. Why would you want your brand new car to look like something that's been baking in the Arizona sun for 20 years?
  2. DeluxeStang

    S650 Mustang GT versus C7 Corvette Accelertion

    Thank you, I see immense potential with offering multiple mustang models. Going after c8, but also continuing to offer the front engine mustang everyone knows and loves. We'll see what Ford decides to do, they were benchmarking the c8 a few years ago.
  3. DeluxeStang

    S650 Mustang GT versus C7 Corvette Accelertion

    Would love to see the cobra name come back in a mid-engine mustang Corvette fighter. Mustang Cobra, make it happen Ford.
  4. DeluxeStang

    S650 Mustang GT versus C7 Corvette Accelertion

    Nah the Ford GT is like five tiers above the c8.
  5. DeluxeStang

    Dodge Charger EV Official Reveal: March 5

    Electric hellcats when they're asked to race against a s650.
  6. DeluxeStang

    Collision repairs

    Well then I feel for ya. Sounds like this is basically just a cursed car, ironically enough, that cursed car for us was a BMW, a 3 series. Immediately had issues with it, decided to sell it. Perhaps that's the best approach to take with this mustang.
  7. DeluxeStang

    Mustang GTD spotted in the wild!

    They already make decent money dude. When you're a factory worker who doesn't have to go to college, or trade school, don't need any sort of experience in the field prior to applying for a job, and you're basically starting with a middle class salary, with some upward mobility and decent...
  8. DeluxeStang

    Spotted Mustang GTD at Daytona! Photos & Impressions

    Agreed, even if I can't afford it, at the very least it's a badass poster car. You made a point earlier that I agree with completely, that Ford should take some elements of this design, lose a lot of the high tech bits, and carbon, and use them on the next gt500 or something. Imagine this...
  9. DeluxeStang

    Wrecked S650's -- post yours 😔

    I love how this thread has just turned into "Screw these freaking deers man".
  10. DeluxeStang

    Wrecked S650's -- post yours 😔

    This incident turned you into the John Wick of deer hunters. This is your villain arc.
  11. DeluxeStang

    Sharing My Custom Wrap!

    High quality work my friend. Definitely eye catching, and would certainly stand out next to other s650's.
  12. DeluxeStang

    Spotted Mustang GTD at Daytona! Photos & Impressions

    Very nice analysis. Somewhere along the way, this thing has gone from being disappointing due to the price, into becoming one of my ultimate dream cars. Mark my words, this car will go down in history as the highest peak we achieved with ICE muscle cars. The only disappointing thing is I don't...
  13. DeluxeStang

    Will Ford do anything special for the 60th anniversary?

    Ford did say there would also be an all new, as of yet unseen EV demonstrator that they would be taking to pikes peak this year to try and set a new record. Maybe, just maybe, that's something mustang based, we'll have to see. They could pull some cheap move, a sticker package or something else...
  14. DeluxeStang

    2025 Mustang GTD at Daytona Speedway

    Ford does areo design very well imo. Between this, and the latest Ford gt, they're masters at making higher performance cars with aggressive areo that are still sexy as hell. I do agree with one of the above comments that the wing is a little big, but it's obviously there for s reason. Give it a...
  15. DeluxeStang

    Wrecked S650's -- post yours 😔

    I'd be livid if this was me. I'd rewatch that scene in Bambi with the mom a few times to vent all the hatred I had towards deer after this.
  16. DeluxeStang

    Will Ford do anything special for the 60th anniversary?

    We all know Ford loves celebrating milestones of their iconic products. Releasing a new mustang for the 50th anniversary and making a new gt supercar for the 50th anniversary of their historic Le mans win are just a few examples. I wonder if Ford is planning to reveal anything special, or...
  17. DeluxeStang

    Dark Horse vs Shelby

    I think we'll get something with a performance level that surpasses the s550 Shelby's, but I agree, Ford needs to move past the Shelby branding. I predict whatever it is will have some form of the 5.4 Ford is running in the mustang gt3, much like how the Corvette gt3 has a 5.5 flat plane crank...
  18. DeluxeStang

    Things are VERY Different now...

    Exactly, I'm so sick of this rose tinted glasses stuff. I could see some arguing older muscle cars having better designs, or being more thrilling to drive without all the modern safety features, I can't argue someone is wrong when it comes to their subjective opinion. But man, old cars were...
  19. DeluxeStang

    Things are VERY Different now...

    Good sir, back in the 60s, you had 5, 10 times as many defects as modern cars, and significantly shorter lifespans. Brands issue recalls today, most companies had an F U approach to business back in the 60s. You can't take that approach to business anymore.
  20. DeluxeStang

    Things are VERY Different now...

    Good sir, if you own a WRX, then a mustang 5.0 is nothing to be concerned about. That would be like owning a 1980s Kia with 300,000 miles on it, and being worried about a new Toyota Corolla being reliable.