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  1. Bikeman315

    First S650 2024 Ford Mustang Diecast! 1/18 Dark Horse in Carbonized Gray

    For all sizes, start by looking at Amazon & eBay. For 1/64 cars you can look to Target and Walmart. Then you have these..... https://www.autoworldstore.com/collections/die-cast-3 https://collectablediecast.com/ https://www.acmediecast.com/ https://www.diecastmodelswholesale.com/ For brands...
  2. Bikeman315

    % off msrp on 24 GTs

    Forget MSRP. It’s best to start your journey at dealer invoice cost. Start by checking out Ford’s X-Plan. Right now it might be the best you can do but going forward many folks have done even better. https://www.fordpartner.com/partnerweb/jsp/howitworks/fordpartner_rules.htm
  3. Bikeman315

    Help!!! Need Vapor Blue touch up paint....

    Dr. Colorchip is the best. https://drcolorchip.com/select-color/
  4. Bikeman315

    Apple Carplay is horrendous

    Guy's, OP is using a beta (unreleased) version of IOS (17.4). Because of this its is highly unlikely it has anything to do with his cars systems. And it has nothing to do with Apple official latest release (17.3.1)
  5. Bikeman315

    Apple Carplay is horrendous

    Until recently only wired. Now there is wireless CarPlay which I believe is Bluetooth. Edit: Uses both Bluetooth and WiFi In addition to cellular. https://www.tomsguide.com/reference/apple-carplay
  6. Bikeman315

    Apple Carplay is horrendous

    You beat me to it. OP, have you been running 17.4 since day one? Have you tried a phone with 17.3? Have you done a master rest on your Sync 4?
  7. Bikeman315

    Center console gear select No illumination w automatic Trans?

    They removed the shifter light for Gen 2 in 2018. Strictly cost cutting.
  8. Bikeman315


    I would imagine that OP is looking for something nicer than factory (think Wilton lambs wool). The links I provided will give him those options.
  9. Bikeman315


    Honestly I’ve been on this forum since 2015 and do not recall anyone asking about full carpet replacement on a brand new car. Carpeted floor mats yes, but not complete replacement. That said, just Google it. https://www.stockinteriors.com/autocarpet/23484...
  10. Bikeman315

    Pirelli tire observation

    The Corvette tires are run flats but they Michelin PS4S's...
  11. Bikeman315

    Just picked her up.

    Congratulations, she’s a beauty.
  12. Bikeman315

    Best Car Polish/Protector

    Hi Bobby and welcome to the forum. You need to head over to M6G and read our resident detailing expert DFB5.0 threads. Everything, and I mean everything is in these threads. https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/forums/cosmetic-upkeep-covering-washing-waxing-detailing-repairing.78/...
  13. Bikeman315

    Seats again DH

    Mustang's are a lot of things but fancy isn't one of them. The seats are virtually the same as I have in my 19' GT/CS with the Dynamica/Miko/Alcantara seats. They are some of the nicest stock seats out there. Not sure what you consider fancy but remember this is a Mustang.
  14. Bikeman315

    Start/Stop Job 2 GT

    That is not the posters real window sticker. There are no numbers on it and it clearly states “not for sale”. I seem to recall this was a preproduction sticker. Also US M6 cars will not have ASS. I do not know about export models.
  15. Bikeman315

    Battery Question

    Not sure about this. Every standard battery I’ve seen for the S550 is rated at 590 CCA. Also if they marked it red it should have replaced on the spot.
  16. Bikeman315

    K&N Intake Kit for 2024+ Mustang GT now available

    Honestly I do not recall ever reading thread about a warranty claim refusal due to a non turn CAI system. That and K&N is a well known and respected supplier to the automotive industry. I wouldn’t be concerned about warranty issues.
  17. Bikeman315

    K&N Intake Kit for 2024+ Mustang GT now available

    Talk about misrepresentation. Exactly how do you guarantee an estimate?