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  1. Mazman

    EU deliveries sooner than expected?

    Just got a mail from my dealer. Prices/spec to be announced 1st of Feb and that cars are already in Europe!?!?!! Anyone else that have heard the same?
  2. Mazman

    Savagegeese review: S650 GT (+ Dyno) vs Nissan Z

    If you are here Jack(or Mark for that matter) Thank you for a great video as always guys! Said it many times before the car(and S550) is under-tired :/, to little rubber for the weight(specially on the front). Heck I will most likely go for 235s next time around on my almost 2000lbs lighter...
  3. Mazman

    Interesting export window sticker shows 3:55 Torsen

    It has 3:55 Torsen Did the Asian cars get Torsen in the past as well. Reason I am saying Asian is because it says "Asia radio frequency". I think in e.g South Korea the cars are similar spec as the US ones. On the other hand it says it has Mach-1 badges, 4.5" exhaust but further down it says...
  4. Mazman

    S650 Mustang Prototypes Spied High Altitude Testing

    Stolen from FB Props to the photographer