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  1. OppoLock

    Why did you get an Automatic over a 6 Speed?

    I'm sorry to hear that. A big fear of mine is losing the ability to drive a manual due to a disability. Fractured my left humerus on new year's and have had to operate mine with a single arm, but that's not hard at all to do. Had I broken my right arm or lost operation of a leg, I'd be stuck...
  2. OppoLock

    Oxford White GT: updated 11.5.23

    This is an incredible shot. That harsh lighting really shows off how much they’ve tightened and resolved the overall lines and shapes. Makes a big difference in the perceived proportions despite sharing an identical canvas of hard points.
  3. OppoLock

    Spotted Mustang GTD at Daytona! Photos & Impressions

    Exactly! I was a big hater when they dropped this on us. Turns out, this is the thing that fills the poster car void I haven’t satisfied in ages. If I’ll never be able to afford one, it might as well be extra badass and extra appealing, and extra racecar-ey. 😤
  4. OppoLock

    Spotted Mustang GTD at Daytona! Photos & Impressions

    It is jaw droppingly gorgeous in person. Ford had it positioned next to their Mustang GT3 and the two looked near-identical. The GTD has an unmatched presence for a road car. ALSO, noticed this thing has limo tint, and come to think of it, I don’t think there are any pics of the interior...
  5. OppoLock

    Dark Horse vs Shelby

    The Bullitt was a glorified appearance package for a GT PP1. Same running gear, same engine, same trans, same everything as a GT PP1 with some interior and exterior flourishes. The DH is largely a copy paste of Mach 1 bits. The Mach 1 was largely a copy paste of the GT350 with a small dash of...
  6. OppoLock

    Dark Horse vs Shelby

    Didn’t read the whole thread so apologies if someone already pointed this out, but comparing the Shelby GT350 to its analogous counterparts, the DH and M1, it exclusively received: - a carbon composite front subframe - unique fenders and hood, versus just bumpers (or in the case of the DH and...
  7. OppoLock

    Mustang GT3 and GT4 Race Cars to Compete at Daytona

    Can't wait to see these live at the Rolex Daytona! That GT3 is the epitome of a badass V8 racecar
  8. OppoLock

    S650 Coyote V8 Power Band?

    most graphs look like this one peak torque before 5000 meat of power around 6000-7500
  9. OppoLock

    Corsa H Pipe installed on Dark Horse - before and after exhaust sound. Thank you LETHAL PERFORMANCE

    No The only exhaust changes that open you up to warranty concerns are anything made to the headers
  10. OppoLock

    Official: 2025 Mustang GTD Revealed! 800+ HP 5.2L V8, Pushrod Suspension, $300K MSRP

    I did a total 180 on this thing. Since I've held off on the S650 and can't find anything on the market that appeals to me at the moment, I ended up investing in a sim rig. Got hooked on Assetto Corsa Competizione and am now a diehard GT3 car fan. And now I realize that this GTD is the closest...
  11. OppoLock


    I wish the M2 wasn't so ugly. It seems to get universal praise in regards to everything driver-related outside of its weight issue and looks. I just can't stomach that design. I am dying for Ford to make a GTD-lite for the non-illuminati income bracket folk.
  12. OppoLock

    Drag Race: Dark Horse vs Lotus Emira, M2, Supra, Camaro, Challenger

    That's a 10-speed on a prepped surface You can hear it rolling up to the line, like it's driving over fly paper
  13. OppoLock

    So whats up with the manuals?

    You couldn’t physically jam the gear lever fast enough to match a DCT. Assuming your synchros didn’t get eviscerated from repeatedly power shifting as fast as physically possible, DCTs are intrinsically designed in an unmatchable way, with two clutches (hence dual)—one for even gears and one for...
  14. OppoLock

    2024 S650 Saleen 302 White Label Debuts November 16th

    Biting my tongue out of respect to the handful of people on here that like this; I just don't get it. Typical Saleen job like all the weird stuff they've put out. The glory days of the S7 and S281 are long gone imo.
  15. OppoLock

    Drag Race: Dark Horse vs Lotus Emira, M2, Supra, Camaro, Challenger

    Before people go nuts, that's just a ZL1 bumper on an SS, and yes, that has a 10-speed, and yes, the DH came with a 6MT. They wanted the 6MT so they could pit it against the Emira, M2, and Supra with 6MTs. Race 1: 1/4mi Camaro SS - 12.2s @ 118 Mustang DH - 12.5s @ 115 Challenger Shakedown -...
  16. OppoLock

    Dark Horse Handling Pack Overkill?

    Definitely overkill for anyone not planning on taking their DH to a track at least once in a blue moon, and especially overkill for anyone who doesn’t know a thing about driving, like how to trail brake or whatever The improvements would be lost
  17. OppoLock

    2024 Mustang GT California Special Package Revealed w/ Rave Blue Accent Styling, Wheels & Graphics

    Not literally “Hertz,” but more of a rental aesthetic. Old school decals and generic grille trimming with those gloss/polished wheels. Feels very at odds with an OEM look. But that’s just me!