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  1. tobaccokid

    Is 486hp enough?? Let’s discuss

    Your comment is right on the money. I don't understand the need for the original poster's questions. I upgraded my 2019 GT350 from 526 to 550 hp, only to that point because of concern with breaching warranty and state testing situations. Also upgraded my Corvette C7 Z06 from 650 to 710 hp...
  2. tobaccokid

    New dark horse vs used 2020 gt500

    You are right technically on each mistake of his. Q6543 has no clue. Although I like the looks of a GT500, but.... I have a 2019 GT350 and a Corvette C7 Z06. My GT350 is fabulous on winding roads and is worth buying just for the engine sound at 8,300 rpm. My Z06 will blow the doors off of a...
  3. tobaccokid

    Dark Horse S Mustang S650 in White -- First Look Photos

    I tend to agree with the original post that if the piece below the headlights were body color the lines you see, especially on a lighter color car, are not harmoneous with the rest of the body lines.
  4. tobaccokid

    The new dashboard is a big mistake IMO

    Although I happen to have a 2019 GT350, I always like the Bullitt versions. Was in Milan last weekend heading for dinner and happened to come across someone who was loading the trunk in their 2019 Bullitt. Had not seen any Mustangs during last weeks Italian car and motorcycle escapade that I was...