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  1. zstanny

    What S650 Color Scheme(s) are you considering?

    Since we’ve seen a good many pre production, just curious what people are considering! Or what they think looks nice on the S650. Let’s assume a black accent package is available in all trims. DH: Vapor blue - black badges, roof, wheels Blue Ember - black badges, roof, wheels GT and...
  2. zstanny

    Dark Horse Key Fob

    Photoshop guys, do ya thang. Dark horse badge on a 15-17 GT350 fob. Would be a neat touch. Maybe some blue trim incorporated?
  3. zstanny

    Dark Horse Mustang in different colors sketches posted by Ford Performance

    This makes me think a dark metallic red would be so nice on the dark horse. Take it a Shmidge darker than rapid red. I do think rapid red would go more nicely than race red if it was offered.
  4. zstanny

    Price protection

    My local dealer, largest volume in the state said they do no formal agreement for purchase price protection from mark-up. When I asked them about the ford price protection, they said it’s hit or miss from corporate. I though the Ford price protection was automatic. If customer places order at...
  5. zstanny

    Video: S650 race car at Mount Panorama for Bathurst 1000

    Delete if already posted. I couldn't find it. This is glorious.
  6. zstanny

    Sell Vs Trade for S650

    My original plan was to trade my weekend car in on an S650. Used car prices are dropping. I get the feeling the bottom might fall out. Currently considering getting out before they tank more. Anyone have thoughts? I'd also be big sad being without a weekend car for what could very well be nearly...
  7. zstanny

    Available Summer 2023?

    How are we supposed to take “available summer 2023”? Available to order then? Ford (and everyone else) is extremely behind, and even more so with speciality vehicles. My friends raptor just showed up, 10+ months after ordering. For the first batch of cars to arrive by summer, I’d think they...