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Search results

  1. Baldilocks

    Mustang GT (manual) vs. Camaro LT1 (manual)

    Thoughts? I've seen a couple videos from this channel and I'm still not sure he knows how to shift?
  2. Baldilocks

    Posting Problems Still Not Corrected

    No matter how I connect and reply to a post, it still doesn't refresh after the post. This leads to a lot of double posting. I see this happens a lot and has been for months. Any chance someone is going to look into it?
  3. Baldilocks

    Roush Exhaust Base GT (No Active Exhaust)

    My nephew recently installed the Roush cat-back exhaust to his 24 Base GT. He had the non-active single tip, so this makes it look a bit better with the dual tips!
  4. Baldilocks

    Sam CarLegion GT vs Nissan Z

    Just shows the GT needs better tires and maybe a better driver.
  5. Baldilocks

    G87 M2 Dyno Numbers

    Well, sure looks like BMW did it again. As always, highly underrating power output. I wonder how much power the 5.0 in the 7th Gen Mustang actually makes at the crank and at the wheels? G87 M2 465 Wheel HP (540 Crank HP) 412 Ft-Lbs. Wheel Torque (490 Crank Ft-Lbs.) Say what you will about...
  6. Baldilocks

    What are you cross shopping?

    Not only am I taking a serious look at the 2024 Mustang GT Premium Performance Pack Mustang, I am also cross shopping the BMW M240i XDrive. The only colors that interest me as far as the BMW, are Portimao Blue and Thundernight Metallic. Anyone else cross shopping/wishing at the same time...