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  1. KAlexander

    Ah, this email haunts my inbox again.

    Ordered first day and haven't heard a thing til now. This email haunted me over and over when I ordered my truck now it's here for the DH. Ford needs to fix a thing or two. Lol.
  2. KAlexander

    S550 X/H pipe for the S650?

    Since the S650 is still a lot like the S550...do yall think the X pipe will fit? Im curious because I wanna start buying stuff for my DH
  3. KAlexander

    Dealership with no markups

    For those of you willing to travel or in the Michigan area. A dealer has 2 allocations left for sticker. Idk the dude so don't come for me. I just saw him post lol. I'll update with more if I see them. Here's the post: Hello all, I have two allocations for 2024 Mustang Dark horse. Please...
  4. KAlexander

    To the dealers with ADM...

    Kiss my ass. Got one for MSRP
  5. KAlexander

    What ever happened to the Ford "cracking down on" ADMs?

    I've been calling like 15 dealerships and the lowest markup is 10k. This is ridiculous. There was all that hooplah about Ford cracking down on this. What happened to that? Prairieville Ford in Louisiana rep was all about MSRP in the other DH at MSRP thread now his managers are going to mark...
  6. KAlexander

    Will you be ordering a manual or auto?

    I definitely will order a DH unless they want >70K then I'll just buy a GT500. Can't decide if I want a manual or 10 speed. I have a GT350 that's my manual gear rower but I miss remote start that remote Rev would be cool. I keep going back and forth....thoughts?
  7. KAlexander

    What are your thoughts on the interior of the S650? Specifically the screens

    I keep going back and forth on the screen. I can't decide if I like it or hate it