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  1. Ford Chat - Proof that.........(pick your favorite clickbait)

    Some AI has a sense of humour. Or at least can fake it. Have you tried using any? Or should I say, knowingly tried?
  2. Are you ok if you didn't get a confirm email?

    I think you will be alright. You shouldn't rely on a car manufacturer for affirmation of your well-being.
  3. If you're not getting a Mustang now, what are you doing until then?

    Im curious what a Shelby variant would run considering a well equiped DH is 70k plus. 85k for a 350? 100k for a base 500?
  4. 2024 cousins

    I joined 6g back in Jan 2022 and 7g sometime this year and you are complaining of 5 minutes of your life you will never get back? Buddy let me tell you after these cars are delivered and the post volume increases, you will be saying.."well that was 50 hours of my life I wont get back." Its like...
  5. 2024 Mustang Scheduling This Week (6/1/23) for Production Weeks 7/10-7/24

    Im with you on that. I have a strong dislike of a black roof on anything but a black car. More importantly, I would rather see more of the blue ember-- no hood stripes no black roof, just blue emeber.
  6. 2024 Mustang Scheduling This Week (6/1/23) for Production Weeks 7/10-7/24

    Sell the condo or house, get one with more garage space. Problem solved. I ran out of garage space myself so am having the roof raised so I can stack em. Just a suggestion :)
  7. So am I the only one that noticed 2024 Mustangs for Sale on AutoTrader.com?

    Car gurus has 160 of them listed. A dealer I know told me that if a dealer subscribes to cargurus the site automatically pulls from their inventory and their inventory automatically pulls from the manufacturer resulting in cars that are planned to be built showing up on the site. Probably same...
  8. 2024 Mustang rear-end an improvement?

    Overall, I like it. I like the painted panel more than the S550 piano black. Other than that I prefer the s550 rear, but still a fan of both.
  9. Dark Horse future owners

    Now that is rightous. No point just lookin at her...
  10. Dark Horse future owners

    I am on the fence on dealer model. I mean I am sure one of the reasons Ford is charging so much is to get a bigger piece of the pie. And in normal times you rarely pay MSRP. Get rid of dealers and you will pay MSRP everytime.
  11. Dark Horse future owners

    Did you check St Louis? Only a couple of dealers were doing ADM here. That being said, I have no idea if any allocations are left.
  12. Dark Horse future owners

    OP is in SD. Maybe the whole state only got 3 allocated so ADMs?
  13. 2024 Mustang No Scheduling this Week 4/6. May Production Schedule is Full

    I hope the Canadians get the cars first. Thier driving season is shorter (unless you live a border state) so that would give them more time before they have to put thier toys away.
  14. Media Gets First-Rides of Dark Horse 2024 Mustang at NYIAS Tomorrow

    If ilI were to buy one I would only look at the back and sides. Hate the front...
  15. For those that ordered around 3/27/23 or have experience with this process do you think...

    Man you are probably the happiest go lucky person around here. I look at the money I am paying as a gift to Ford, its suppliers and the dealer from me. Nice to read comments from positive people in the morning

    Cant you have 7 characters? I assume there are not 10 other Apeman tags in Utah.