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  1. DARK HP

    Cancelled my Dark Horse order - allocation available

    I'm thinking of cancelling as well but I'm going to give it week and half don't hear anything then time to cancel.
  2. DARK HP

    📬 6/15/23 Scheduling Emails Arrive!

    I had an order in for the bronco 2 years of wait time and this wait for the dark horse no build date or vin as of today and I'm starting to think maybe cancel and wait for cobra. Just getting sick of this waiting bs cause ford can't get parts or forecast inventory at all!!!
  3. DARK HP

    S650 everywhere at the Flat Rock plant! [updated w/ video!]

    most likely those are for overseas sales and not usa orders
  4. DARK HP

    2024 Mustang Scheduling This Week (6/1/23) for Production Weeks 7/10-7/24

    Hell, I'd like vin and build date, not going a lie am tempted to pull order and put money into something else like a boat, I went thru the bronco bs ordering from the very beginning, one of the first to put order in and took forever to get the damn thing.
  5. DARK HP

    Looks like 2024 Mustang production starting next week (5/22)!

    so dark horse possibly 3rd qtr or 4th qtr maybe???
  6. DARK HP

    🗓️ 2024 Mustang Limited Retail Scheduling, No U.S. Specialty (Dark Horse) Scheduling This Week (5/25/23)

    paint is way easier to put on parts than vinyl, shit they paint the cars like nothing. Just another excuse for something else bigger!!!
  7. DARK HP

    Ah, this email haunts my inbox again.

    But ford loves you -hahahaahahaahhaahh
  8. DARK HP

    This is how buttons work..

    This will all be fixed when we get our dark horse models in 2 years, that we placed an order for 3 years ago.
  9. DARK HP

    Ah, this email haunts my inbox again.

    Yep I just got the you placed order email still havent even got this one yet, or a vin or build date, I think this is the BRONCO fuck up all over again
  10. DARK HP

    2024 Mustang driveshafts - any changes?

    With the updated engine on the DarkHorse with more hp I figured they might change it.
  11. DARK HP

    Crickets from Ford

    Whoever is ordering parts or chips I bet is trying to order them the same way they did it pre covid and just doesn't realize that things have changed for the worse- meaning parts shortage and chip shortage, so the 2024 mustang and Darkhorse is the new 2022 bronco mess all over again!!!!! And I...
  12. DARK HP

    Anyone ditch Bronco for S650 ?

    sold my 2022 velocity blue bronco wildtrak sasquatch lux package fully loaded for the darkhorse!!
  13. DARK HP

    Dark Horse Splitter - can it be purchased separately?

    or be in stock any time shortly in your lifetime currently
  14. DARK HP

    2024 Mustang driveshafts - any changes?

    Has anything changed on the 24 for the driveshaft, if so what?
  15. DARK HP

    Dark Horse orders for the US -- anyone receive build date yet?

    3/29 dark horse prem coupe loaded and still no vin or build date. Most likely months from now will get email saying parts still out of stock so build is on hold most likely
  16. DARK HP


    darkpwr dark1 2dark v8 hrse
  17. DARK HP

    Are orders with Appearance Package or Handling Package being delayed/held?

    Well I waited for my bronco during covid to be built and that was 1-2 years after I placed the order, I can for sure wait for the build on the dark horse that I placed an order for!!
  18. DARK HP

    What ever happened to the Ford "cracking down on" ADMs?

    so how to get pin, buy membership then what?
  19. DARK HP

    For those that ordered around 3/27/23 or have experience with this process do you think...

    What day did you submit your order, trying to see how long it took for vin.