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  1. Mike Pfeifer

    Found damage :(

    Better check on the door in the matching location, could be damage there also.
  2. Mike Pfeifer

    Things are VERY Different now...

    You couldn’t give me a BMW V8 for free.
  3. Mike Pfeifer

    Stripes on my GT Convertible - done!

    I do really like them way more than those weird shaped ones you can get from ford.
  4. Mike Pfeifer

    SYNC 4 & Android Auto/Apple Car Play Poll

    If it makes you guys feel any better, I get these same complaints on BMWs almost daily.
  5. Mike Pfeifer

    Build scheduled on or after 12/4 will it be a Job 2

    Is the auto start stop on the manual?
  6. Mike Pfeifer

    Welcome lighting not working?

    As an example, on some BMW models, approaching directly from the front may not work, as there is a blind spot for the system in that direction. Not sure how it works on the Mustang, but maybe something similar happened?
  7. Mike Pfeifer

    Welcome lighting not working?

    This is supposed to work automatically as you approach the car, without any button presses? If so, perhaps the direction that you approach the vehicle has to do with it.
  8. Mike Pfeifer

    Will the Ford add on keyless entry pad work on the 24?

    Doesn’t matter, just has to be inside the car for it to start. I mean, do what you want - it’s your car. Just wanted to point out out something that may have been overlooked.
  9. Mike Pfeifer

    Will the Ford add on keyless entry pad work on the 24?

    So if someone smashed the window, they now have your key and can drive away?
  10. Mike Pfeifer

    Will the Ford add on keyless entry pad work on the 24?

    When you lock the keys in the car with the number pad, does it disable them?
  11. Mike Pfeifer

    Somebody had a bad day in Orlando...

    Might have a hard time explaining to the insurance company…
  12. Mike Pfeifer

    Strange Dealership Interaction

    In the days of internet dealer listings, there’s no reason to be worried about an “odd color combo”. There’s someone out there that wants it.
  13. Mike Pfeifer

    Air bubble on the paintwork - Please help! :(

    Take the car. At delivery, have them make a “we owe”, a document stating in writing that the dealer owes you something they cannot provide at delivery. The we owe should say they will order the touch up paint and repair the bubble or something to that effect. When the paint comes in, you will...
  14. Mike Pfeifer

    Air bubble on the paintwork - Please help! :(

    To answer who would pay for it, it’s a warranty concern. So ford would pay for it. Not just now, but also down the road if it starts to get worse. Until the warranty expires. In terms of documenting the concerns, the way to go about it is to have a repair order made in the service department...
  15. Mike Pfeifer

    Software bug in infotainment keep piling up. Anyone Else?

    So, a couple things: there could be a software issue or a hardware issue. The dealer will not be able to truly diagnose either. They will probably contact tech support which will tell them to either flash the software or replace something in hopes it will resolve the issue. If it’s a hardware...
  16. Mike Pfeifer

    Dealer forced Accessory Add-On's

    Wait, so they are asking $20,450 over sticker at the end of the day? Twenty thousand dollars?!
  17. Mike Pfeifer

    Latest Mustang Production Key Commodity Constraints (8/18/23)

    The painted roof issue has to be a process problem, some sort of “moving pieces on the production floor” thing that’s not being routed efficiently. They can’t be short on the paint. I can’t believe it’s a material shortage. So as they get the bigger issues worked out for production, they will...
  18. Mike Pfeifer

    Convertible owners keep getting screwed by Ford Motor Company

    Not sure if it’s the same on the S650, but on the S550 previous gen Mustang, the trunk lid / rear quarters are a different shape on the convertible vs the coupe. So technically the spoiler doesn’t fit. Perhaps it’s as simple as that.
  19. Mike Pfeifer

    2024 Convertible Antenna - Want to replace it - What are the options?

    The shark fin houses GPS, sat radio and telephone. There’s not room for an efficient FM and AM antenna in the shark fin.
  20. Mike Pfeifer

    2024 Convertible Antenna - Want to replace it - What are the options?

    I believe the coupe am/fm antenna is in the rear glass. This is obviously a problem in the convertible when the top is down. So they went to a whip antenna so the reception doesn’t change top up or down. It’s a pretty common method.